A Man’s Frigidity: Does It Exist?

Sexual anesthesia has not only a female face. There are quite a number of men who do not want sexual relations even with the blue pill. Can this situation be changed?

- Genetic alibidemia was discovered not long ago. According to genetic background, all people are divided into two groups in sexual context: strong, moderate and feeble even regardless of cheap Cialis pills use. The feeble group has in its turn stronger, moderate and weak subformations. So these weakest men (around three per cent of all men) represent a high-risk group. The degree of sexual energy is very low, although in outward appearance, a man may look handsome and strong. Lack of sexuality may occur at teen age aside from pills for ed.

- The cause of psychological alibidemia lies in any unnatural sexuality oppression. For instance, it may be caused by puritan upbringing or a couple years spent in samesex neighborhood (military academy or divinity school without any free Cialis pills impact). The development of normal attraction stops, and libido chooses homosexual direction. Besides, these people generally have high moral attitudes; therefore, these young men do not become homosexualists, but all attempts to establish relations with women fail.

No matter how these variants seem to be intimidating, they are still quite seldom. And if your intimate relations were normal at least during the first months of marriage, you cannot write it off as husband’s frigidity. Find another cause before starting therapy with Cialis pills online:

  1. Nerves
  2. Disease
  3. Deficit of sexual energy
  4. Age
  5. Temporary difficulties

It goes without saying that this condition cannot resolve on its own even with best ed pill. Such men should bear in mind that sex is not pomp, but a one of the most important body needs. People disregarding sex disregard their own health. Thus, in case sexual drive doesn’t return, do not put off sex, but consult a specialist as soon as possible.