ED Mechanism

Causes of ED which result in corresponding ed treatment are subdivided into organic (vascular, neurologic, hormonal, etc.), psychogenic (cause of ed problems lies in central inhibition of erection mechanism without physical injury), mixed (caused by combination of organic and psychogenic factors) which is met in majority of cases. Reportedly, organic factors requiring ed supplements or their combination with psychogenic ones are met among 75-80% men suffering from erectile issues.

Organic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction types have different causes of ed and presentations. It is worth mentioning that impairment of sexual function necessitating natural ed remedies is not an independent disease, but a sign of various disorders in male organism. Very often ED is connected with arterial hypertension, diabetes and depression. Atherosclerotic vascular disease may also prevent from blood flow to a sexual organ. This disease is connected with what causes ed in 40% of cases among men above 50 years of age. Treatments for ed are required for 50% patients suffering from diabetes and three times more often and 10-15 years earlier than for healthy men. Neurologic causes of erectile disorders may be such diseases as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, disseminated sclerosis, injuries of cerebral-spinal axis, small pelvis and perineum, difference surgeries in these areas which lead to impairment of penis innervation or disorder of higher nervous activity demanding home remedies for ed. The older a man, the higher probability of chronic diseases presence is when the latter are not connected directly with sexual sphere, but require a long-term medicamentous treatment and natural cures for ed. It is well-known that 25% cases of ED occurrence are anyway connected with medicinal products intake.