How Is Brachytherapy of Prostatic Gland Conducted?

Prostate carcinoma brachytherapy is a method of sick prostatic gland radiation therapy by means of cancerous cells exposure with radioactive material without Viagra online without prescription. There are two types of brachytherapy which have a number of indications and contraindications.

Prostate carcinoma is a severe disease which is characteristic for the stronger sex. Treatment of this disorder lies in surgical removal of affected part of organ or liquidation of cancerous cells. The first method is effective in all cases when the disease can be killed only cell by cell and is not to be helped by online prescription Viagra. Brachytherapy of prostate carcinoma is used exactly for this purpose. As aforementioned, this treatment method implies local irradiation of malignant swelling without online Viagra prescription for the purpose of blockage of cancerous cells propagation and inhibition of already restructured tissue. This method is divided into two types differing from each other considerably:

1) Long-term irradiation with radioactive agent of low intensity of irradiation;

2) Method implying short-term high-dosage irradiation.

The first method doesn’t require Viagra prescription online. It is based on introduction of radioactive elements of low irradiation in sick prostatic gland by means of special needles. Introduced substances have comparatively short period of elimination half-life like the one of prescription Viagra online. Due to this fact, granules lose their radioactivity upon several months.

The second method is based on introduction of high-irradiation granules in defect zone of prostatic gland. As opposed to the preceding method, radioactive elements are transplanted in tissues not irreversibly, according to Viagra online prescription.