Long-Lasting Sex: Myth or Reality?

Many men and even women think of the chance to prolong coitus and evade side effects from Viagra. The point is that intimate intercourse finishes much earlier than it was expected by both partners. As a consequence, a woman finds herself unsatisfied and a man – useless. But this doesn’t mean that this issue must be solved by a strong sex only. This problem should be faced by both lovers.

Most people may suppose that tablets are the best solution to make coitus longer, but they prove to be extreme means, and many men may feel side effects for Viagra. Thus, the tableted medicines must be administered as the final remedy in case nothing else is helpful. There are other efficient ways to make sexual intercourse longer. So, how to make sex last long? What needs to be undertaken to achieve it? And what are the side effects of Viagra?

  • Sometimes a man cannot set his mind on long-lasting sex, since he cannot relax and still thinks of his work. The first thing a woman should do is to boost Viagra effectiveness and set her partner on prolonged coitus by massaging him or making a comforting bath with aromatic foam and flowers.
  • It should be borne in mind that practically all men may reach fast orgasm and need only a couple of minutes for that. Thus, in order to raise the odds to have simultaneous orgasm, both partners need to devote more time for foreplay. In case the sex play is correct and there are no side effects to Viagra, a woman may come right after introduction of penis to vaginal opening.
  • Alcohol may prolong sexual intercourse although if you take PDE5 inhibitors, it may cause Viagra side effect. Due to alcoholic beverages intake, the time of sex increases considerably. You may try champagne or wine. But never use beer and the products containing aphrodisiacs.
  • You should relax and quit thinking of premature emission of seminal fluid. You need to take pleasure, but not to get tensed because of this process. A woman should prepare a man in order to make him forget all his troubles, fears, and current issues.