Low Blow: First Aid

By some strange freak, male body appears not to be able to protect one of its most important organs, testicles during the whole history of its evolution. These soft organs are secured neither by muscles nor by bones. Even slight blow on testicles may cause unbearable pain and ed symptoms. A strong low blow is not only able to result in male sexual issues requiring help for ed, but also lead to complete infertility and amputation of affected organ.

The first thing to do is to keep at rest and avoid abrupt movements. If possible, it is recommended lying on the right side, drawing up knees and trying to make several deep breaths, in and out. This measure will alleviate the pain shock and male ed after the blow.

The second variant is to take genucubital position and try to recover breath. One should place carefully ice or pack with something cold on the location of lesion.

In case pain lasts more than ten minutes, and a man appears to have nausea or vomit, immediate medical attendance is required to avoid ed in young men. The faster you consult a specialist, the less complications you’ll have in the future.

In order to render assistance to a man who was blown, use the following technique which is also applied in martial arts and vacuum pump for ed. Put a patient on back, lift his leg with one hand under ankle and make sure it is not bent and make a weak blow with the heel of another hand on victim’s heel. This action should be repeated with another leg. After this procedure, a patient generally feels relief and disappearance of symptoms of ed. Ed pump will be useless here.

There is another method, although it should be applied carefully. A victim is seated on his buttocks, his feet are placed in the Turkish fashion. Afterwards, assistant stands behind a patient, oxters him up and carefully drops on earth to make a victim land on bottom edge of ischial bone.