Male Thrush: First Signs

Thrush is a disease which is equally met among both men and women. Female thrush has a wide-ranging coverage. Every woman who came across this problem knows what to do, whereas men are completely at a loss feeling just the same when they select dosage for Cialis. First reaction is panic and perplexity. When a man has a fulfilling sexual life, he may suspect to have sexually transmitted diseases. That is why the problem should be explored from the ground up like Cialis dosage options.

So, what are the causes of male thrush? Human microflora is rich in funguses of various origin: some of them are favorable, the others aggravate normal functioning of organism. One of bacteria type which may be present in human body is candida. Candida propagation occurs due to the following causes:

  • Long-term intake of antibiotics. During administration of medicinal products like Cialis dosage for ed, the decrease of both useful and malignant bacteria in organism occurs;
  • Decrease in immunity;
  • Hormonal changes in organism;
  • Sexual transmission;
  • Sexual organs hygiene breaches;
  • Thrush development on the setting of other diseases;
  • Genitalia injuries.

  • It happens that a partner becomes a cause of thrush regardless of selected Cialis dosage. In this case even without symptoms of the disease, a man should consult a specialist in order to undergo prophylactic therapy and avoid infection.

    In order to evade candidiasis, it is recommended following easy precautionary measures and choosing correct Cialis dosages. Antibiotics intake must be accompanied by probiotics administration which will prevent from destroying of useful bacteria. Also, patients should wear cotton underwear which doesn’t tighten genitalia. Hygiene of sexual organs should be strictly observed. Eat only healthy products and exclude fatty, spicy and roasted food.