Orchitis is inflammation of testicles which occurs quite rarely excluding complication after parotitis and ED problems. Many adults are scared of this diacrisis thinking that this aggravation can lead to sterility (infertility) where home remedies for ED are useless. Nevertheless, it happens rarer than expected. So, what’s the cause? Parotitis virus mainly affects children’s salivary glands forming severe swelling behind inferior maxilla and causing elevated temperature and overall diseased condition which lasts about a week and cannot be helped with ED supplements.

Virus infects other organs as well, including (due to unknown causes of ED) testicles, regardless of treatments for ED. But this condition never happens before approaching of sexual maturity. How does the disease progress and what causes ED? Parotitis in adults is not severer than in children. Orchitis affects from twenty to thirty per cent of patients. Only ten per cent of these cases appear to have affection of both testes.

Symptoms occur suddenly, on the third-fourth day after swelling of salivary glands: temperature elevates, testes get swollen and become painful, even natural ED remedies are helpless in this case. The disease lasts a week or less, and then (in around fifty per cent of cases) affected testicles get contracted within the following two months requiring natural cures for ED. Atrophied testis generally produces less semen, but a man with one normal testis doesn’t lose fertility. Even bilateral orchitis doesn’t obligatorily lead to infertility if atrophy of both sexual glands developed not too far. There is no cure or ED treatment for this condition, but there are some prophylaxis measures to avoid it. Parotitis injection is very effective and is better to be introduced in a man in case he doesn’t remember parotitis in his past medical history.