Seven Causes Guaranteeing Prostatitis

  1. Many women. Sex marathons with Levitra Cialis Viagra are useful for male self-esteem, but unpleasant for prostatic gland. All norms are strictly individual (someone normally needs sex once a week, whereas someone will consider three-times-a-day sex to be too little). But you shouldn’t be so enthusiastic even if you have a lot of strength and use Viagra Cialis Levitra. Developmental norms for an average man are as follows: up to 25 years – 6-8 times per week, up to 50 years – 4-5 times per week, after 50 years – 3-5 times per week, after 55 years – less than 2-3 times per week.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases. It goes without saying that most STD are successfully treated. But they should be promptly identified, since a great variety of sexually transmitted infections may settle down in prostatic gland and show themselves in a couple of months.
  3. Hatred of women. Even if you take Cialis Levitra Viagra, it won’t save you from lack of sex. Prostatic gland will quickly notice the continence. Long-term continence will lead to stagnation of secretion in prostatic gland resulting in prostatitis.
  4. Sedentary lifestyle. Regardless of Cialis Viagra Levitra administration, you will have problems with prostatic gland due to constant sitting. Gymnastics for prostate may be divers involving legs movement during exercises.
  5. Masturbation. Excitement (including the one achieved by means of Viagra Levitra Cialis) rarely ending with emission of seminal fluid or interrupted ejaculation, is not useful for prostatic gland.
  6. Visit water closet once a week. Fast food causes retention of feces. If bowel movement is neglected, a man will have to strain causing increased abdominal pressure.
  7. Incorrect temper with or without Cialis Levitra. Do not overdo with tempering. Subcooling decreases immunity, and infection will be distributed throughout prostatic gland easier. It is better to use contrast shower for perineum.