Which Signs Are Alarming and Require Visiting Anthologist?

Believe it or not, but not so many people consult a doctor as it seems. They resort to self-medication including Viagra for sale online. Let’s put it straight, immediate consultation by urologist is required in the following cases:

  • urinary stuttering;
  • frequent urination urge;
  • purulence or blood presence in urine;
  • pains in stomach above pubis;
  • backache;
  • incontinence;
  • feeling of overfilling of urinary bladder;
  • change of urine color or consistency.

Exactly these signs require immediate visit to hospital regardless of available Viagra sale online. This is urologist who can find and treat disorders of urinary tract, kidneys, epinephros and prostatic gland. Urologist is a specialist who can help you treat the urinary tracts disorders which could not be cured by Viagra online sales. Urology is divided into several parts: male, female, pediatric and geriatric. But we shall enlarge upon the point of male urology. Urology for men is called andrology. A therapist of this direction is occupied exclusively with therapy of male diseases, such as infertility, prostatitis, renal impairments, urinary bladder inflammation, viral infections, such as herpes or clamidiosis which cannot be relieved by Viagra sales online. Urologist may be quite efficient in prostatitis therapy. It occurs among young people as a result of sedentary lifestyle and love for alcoholic beverages. Of course, there are many other factors causing prostatitis but the aforementioned ones are prevailing. If you have noticed such symptoms as indicated below, you are required to consult a urologist and initiate a therapy course:

  • drawing pain below waist or in perineum area;
  • Weakening of erection without Viagra on sale;
  • Ejaculation impairments.