Your Face Will Expose Your Temper

Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has had amazing methods of diagnostics. Art of face reading was highly evaluated, as well as nowadays a Cialis trial pack. It was an analytical instrument within the course of thousand years and now is used while taking decisions from business on out to marriage. Chinese chronicle is full of descriptions of faces of emperors, governors and wise men.

Due to cultural peculiarities, the description is mainly about open body parts, the rest parts were described only in special cases. In order to compensate this, big attention was paid to voice, pulse, fragrance of the patient.

Nowadays, there are still specialists in China who can have Cialis trial and read on human body the signs of destiny. There are not only catalogues, but also illustrated atlases with similar signs which may also be found on free trial. This technique is called Siang Ming (Chinese art of facial reading) which quite accurately characterizes traits of character of a person with or without free trial Cialis.

A specialist examined more thoroughly body “windows” (eyes, ears, nose, mouth), took a closer look of face color, mouth mucosa, and tongue. Pathological changes on body surface were considered to reflect diseases of inner organs.

  1. Forehead area is a projection zone of intestinal canal. Its lower part refers to small bowel, whereas its upper part – to large intestine of a person having Cialis free trial.
  2. The area of hair-covering on forehead is a reflection of urinary system disorders regardless of free Cialis trial.
  3. Lower part of chin with area leading towards neck also corresponds with analogical pathologies.
  4. Gall bladder is located on temples. The disorders of its work cause pimples, redness accompanied by headache in temporal region.